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An entirely artisanal Italian brand, from conception to realization, following strict and high quality standards, respecting the dictates of a company that aspires to become excellence.
Each of our products is finished with care and passion by the skilled hands of our craftsmen, using materials and leathers with high environmental compatibility, guaranteeing natural and sustainable processes. Attention to detail wants to be our distinctive trait, because the woman who wears a MonRoi shoe seeks perfection for details and a unique style.

The company's ambition is to become a global icon of the Made in Italy footwear sector, without losing sight of quality, elegance and social responsibility, with the aim of making all women who wear MonRoi shoes happy and satisfied.

Monroi Roma Reve d’Hiver.jpg


Monica Gunnella, born in Rome, always passionate about the world of art and fashion, even before graduating, in the second academic year, realizes her dream and creates her first shoe collection, inspired by the France of Louis XIV. 

With his collections he wants to emphasize feminine beauty and sensuality, highlighting their fertile and creative strength. 

The power of women understood as pure energy, potentially infinite, always capable of changing and guiding the course of events. 

Graduated from the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, she launches her brand Mon Roi with the Rêve d'Hiver collection in 2019.  

MonRoi is the name that proudly embellishes handcrafted women's shoes of great value, capable of combining the heritage of the Italian artisan tradition with the choice of the most refined and precious materials, in the rigor of an unparalleled style and elegance.

the name "Mon Roi" aims to underline the total dedication to shoes and collects in its meaning, "My King", the adoration and obsession for luxury footwear.

Since I was a child I grew up among the roses, between those that my father constantly gave to my mother and those of our family rose garden.

The rose represents for me romance, courtship, but above all it represents my mother and the constant love she has always received, which is why it is my favorite flower and I wanted it to be the symbol of my company.

The choice of the name, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to my father. 

I remember when with my mother they were called “Mon Roi” and “Ma Reine”. I grew up a little obsessed with these epithets and seeing how my father always wooed my mother, the choice was not difficult.

MonRoi is the one who gives roses, the one who woos. We as a company create roses so that our customers feel like “queens” courted with our creations

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